Günter Effgen GmbH

Am Teich 3 - 5
D-55756 Herrstein
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Email: info@effgen.de

LAPPORT Schleiftechnik GmbH

Rosenhofstr. 55
D-67677 Enkenbach-Alsenborn
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Fax: +49(0) 6303 / 66 25
Email: info@lapport.de

System Supplier for Grinding and Dressing Tools

SGS ISO 9001Since the business activity buyout of the Lapport group in Enkenbach-Alsenborn in October 2009 through the Guenter Effgen GmbH in Herrstein, a new system supplier for worldwide available grinding and dressing tools has been established, located in the centre of the German gem stone industry - Effgen-Lapport Schleiftechnik.

With a business experience of more than 100 years, the traditional family companies Effgen and Lapport introduce themselves as competent contact partners for well-rounded solutions in the field of high precision, standard grinding and dressing applications as well as bespoke tools for customer requirements.

The expertise and the expansion of professional competence between both companies has been optimized with applications, process improvement and manufacturing developments.

Hence, the Effgen-Lapport team has already launched several new products and process developments since the merger, implemented successfully in cooperation with customers and partners and leading to significant process improvements and cost saving applications.

Grinding and dressing tools from Effgen and Lapport – all from one source.Grinding and dressing tools from Effgen and Lapport – all from one source.Diamond, boron nitride (CBN), corundum and silicon carbide (SiC), either embedded in an innovative electroplated layer or sintered in a vitrified, resin or metal bond – Effgen-Lapport Schleiftechnik offers a precisely designed product system of high quality and reproducibility, independent from the complexity of application. A competent technical assistance as well as a flexible delivery service are included.

The philosophy of Effgen-Lapport and the 350 employees, which is

Precision – Innovation – Flexibility,

has successfully led to continuous growth results and customer satisfaction with their products. Today, nearly 10,000 customers wordwide receive product and service deliveries made by Effgen-Lapport Schleiftechnik.

Contact us - we can improve your grinding and dressing process.

The factory EFFGEN Schleiftechnik GmbH

Issued from a family run gem stone machining Company established in Idar-Oberstein in 1922,the Guenter Effgen factory is a modern family Company. With more than 250 employees the factory produces diamond and boron nitride tools following customer specifications or to the FEPA Standard.

Over 7000 customers use our skills in development and application. We have a customer service team of highly trained engineers to optimise grinding techniques. Our Service includes full technical assistance and training in

  • grinding machine
  • tooling
  • cooling liquide
  • workpiece
  • dressing

as well as extensive assistance on new developments.

The Effgen GmbH Company was certified with the DIN EN ISO 9001 in 1994. Since 1999, the Company has a complete management system with quality control systems to ensure safe practice at the workplace, environmental protection and that standards meet the automobil industries requirements.

Customer service for us is offering technical support for your needs.

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The factory LAPPORT Schleiftechnik GmbH

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Reliable solutions – from product development through to support

LAPPORT Schleiftechnik develops your future success now

A company's success is no coincidence if it has survived the industrial revolution and the Golden Twenties, two World Wars and the German economic miracle as well as the turn of the millennium and still continues to develop itself on its customers' behalf. LAPPORT is proof of the excellent combination that arises when continuity and innovative drive are brought together.

The fact that LAPPORT is not a group of affiliated companies is actually a benefit. The company is big enough ro reliably supply the international market without being so big that it risks losing flexibility. On the market, the company is renowned for its development expertise, quality, and swift response times. For more than 135 years now, LAPPORT has been supplying high-precision abrasive products while
supporting customers in all the areas needed to ensure their long-term success.

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Ultrafine grinding

Optical Technologies - Significantly reducing of polishing times